Understanding the Residential Real Estate Market on Key largo

Some people get wealthy by starting a business and working exceptionally hard to make that enterprise enormously successful. Some inherit their wealth and use it to better themselves and the world. There are people who invest wisely and retire with a small fortune in assets. And still others win the lottery. Any of these people may have been dreaming for years of buying a fabulous house, such as one of the key largo homes for sale.

A Fun Daydream

Even playing around with the daydream can be fun. As the person plans for a bright and rich future, looking at online real estate listings in this part of the country generates ideas of which homes would be most preferable. Everybody has different tastes, of course. They’ll find a wide variety of options in this part of Florida, although they might need to be patient if they have something very specific in mind.

Scheduling Appointments

While staying at one of the vacation rentals ocean reef club leases on the Florida Keys, men and women can schedule appointments with real estate agents who deal in high-end residential property. They may need to provide proof of income to be approved for appointments at some of the most exclusive properties. Although this might seem unusual to the average real estate buyer, it becomes common when real estate prices reach a certain level. The owners don’t want a lot of people traipsing through the house just out of curiosity when they are not actually in the market.

Understanding Pricing

It should be noted that residential real estate is expensive here. Even a tiny home of 350 sq. ft. might cost $100,000. People who live in a part of the country where real estate is more moderately priced must realize they won’t get a palace for $1 million on Key largo. In fact, limiting the budget to that amount might restrict them to a condo of about 1,500 sq. ft. with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Going into the range of $2 million to $3 million opens up significantly more opportunities. Now buyers are generally looking at 3,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. with numerous bedrooms and bathrooms.


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